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Are you worried about the Nursing Home’s seizing and taking Your Home? Are you worried the Courts may appoint a Guardian to make decisions for you if you are Incompetent? Are you worried the Courts will appoint a Guardian for your children when you are gone? Are you worried the Courts may change your Will when you are gone? Are you worried the Courts may distribute your Assets how they want, when they want, how much they want and to whom they want? Are you worried someone may contest your Will? Are you worried about your Estate ending up in Probate Court for years? Are you worried your children will receive nothing after your Estate goes through Probate? Are you worried you will lose control over everything?

Let EVERGREEN help you PROTECT your family. Let EVERGREEN customize an Estate Plan specifically for your needs based upon your current family situation, based upon your current financial situation and based upon your current health situation. Let EVERGREEN support you for the rest of your life. Let EVERGREEN settle your Estate and help protect your family!
                        Live Forever and May Your Life be EVERGREEN

Avoid Probate

Avoid Guardianship

Avoid Court Control

Reduce Taxes

Control Distribution

Protect Your ASSETS

Maintain Control

Is a Will or A Revocable Living Trust Better For

You and Your Family?

Live and Let Live

     EVERGREEN is a Financial Services Company dedicated to the financial well-being and protection of their client’s assets and their heirs, before and after.

     EVERGREEN’S MISSION is to provide Estate Planning and Asset Protection in a customized format to fit each and every client’s specific needs and make YOU a part of the family of EVERGREEN.